Nadja Knauder beim Coaching am Kiteboard - Kite2Connect
Your coach.

To exploit


You need


feel them.

Empower them.

Listening to the in between.


I am Nadja Knauder, the founder of Kite2Connect. I am your feel good finetuning concierge.


I am here to listen to you, to hear and to see the unspoken, enabling you to evolve personal, private and / or business thoughts.


Together we create a peaceful mind by communicating freely and in confidence.


Luxury to your mind.

My mission is

to see you happy,

confident & healthy.

I want to see you move with the most sincere smile on your face, deeply convinced of yourself and your goals, inspiring your enviornment, enriching your quality of life.


Let’s inspire your energy, strength and balance on the mental, emotional, social as well as physical level.


Strengthen yourself – strengthen your environment.


Empower your emotions.

Inspire your strength.


We are strong.

I am your mental coach, your fascial fitness coach, your health coach, your burn-out prevention coach, your nutritional coach, your kitesurf coach, your business consultant.


I finetune your human ressources leading you to wellbeing and therefore to your personal peak performance capability.


Let me guide you to feel good.

Nadja Knauder - Kite2Connect
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Knowledge &


  • Mental Coach and Performance Trainer of Karolina Larsson, Swedish National Kitefoil Athlete, World Cup Series, GOAL: Olympia 2024 in Paris

    2022 -
  • Freelancing at Jetfly Airline GmbH


    2022 -
  • Foundation of Kite2Connect


  • Participation in the Snowkitemarathon Red Bull Ragnarok in Haugastol, Norway, total distance 130 km

  • Mental Guide and Confident for German long distance kitesurf athlete Anke Brandt, project “GET Kite Mission”, GOAL: to break the world record of 550 km non-stop kitesurfing, route from Manama / Kingdom of Bahrain to Abu Dhabi / UAE

  • Participation in the Kitesurfmarathon Red Bull Coast2Coast from the Island of Fehmarn, Germany, to Rodbynhavn/DK, total distance 42,5 km

  • Manager Marketing Office Advantage Austria

    Doha / Qatar

  • Managing Director INNOVATIVE Aviation W.L.L.

    Manama / Kingdom of Bahrain

    2007 - 2010
  • Revenue Manager Middle East Austrian Airlines

    Vienna / Austria

    2005 - 2007

Diplomas &


  • FI(A), Flight Instructor for aeroplanes

    Linz/Austria, Fliegerclub Bussard in Kooperation with Punitz Flugbetrieb GmbH

  • integrated ATPL(A), Air Transport Pilot Licence

    Riga/Latvia, airBaltic Pilot Academy

    2019 - 2021
  • Dipl. Personal Fitness und Mental Coach

    Thesis: Kitesurfing as a mindset into happiness – a possibility into wellbeing and therefore health.

    Linz/Austria, Vitalakademie

  • Dipl. Health and Fitness Coach

    Thesis: Kitesurfing as a mindset into happiness – a possibility into wellbeing and therefore health.

    Linz/Austria, Vitalakademie

  • Dipl. Burn-out Prevention Coach

    Linz/Austria, Body & Health Academy

  • IKO Kitesurfing Instructor

    Safaga/Egypt, Tornado Kitesurf Center

  • Magistra rer. soc. oec. international Business Management

    Thesis: “Revenue Management as a key success factor in the airline industry –
    taking a look at Austrian Airlines.”

    Wien/Austrian, Strasbourg/France, University of Vienna, IECS

  • Tyrolean Skiing instructor

    Kitzbühl/Austria, TSLV


Your place

of comfort &


Feel safe to talk.

Kitesurfing &


Kitesurfing changed my life back in 2012. I did not knwo what I was going to get myself into, what I was going to feel and experience, what was going to happen to me. My change to peak performance while remaining balanced and achieving my goals began back then. I have learned my lessons, I had my share of profound experiences and I would like to support you, guide you towards a balanced, peaceful and successful life, filled with quality, wellbeing, happiness and health.
  • Falling in love.


    Kitesurfing was the best that could have happened to me and it was more than I could have imagined or anticipated, not knowing a thing. Kitesurfing brought the ability to truly understand the meaning of “happiness” and “believing in my own power” to me.

Kitesurfing &


In my coachings I combine the knowledge of my past ten years on the water, my knowledge about stress, it's effects on the body, mind and human performance - I read your mind and body without you needing to expose yourself to me, all is revelaed to me through using the kite. During our coachings I draw parallels to situations and habits in your life. This will empower you to change exactly in the way needed for you, with determination, as you felt what somethign means to you.
  • Feeling your own emotions.


    Kitesurfing gives you the power to sustainable change. I learned to not only reflect my thoughts but to catch those thoughts bothering me, feeling their power over me and while out there on the water, changing their effect on me into a positive source of strength.

Be. Feel.


Fly to your inner strength

Let’s rock your world together.

Recharge and grow your human resources while taking a personalised time out.

Kite2Connect – aeras of registered business

Health XL: Sunwarrior and VivoLife. Ozone, North and Mystic. Ringana. La Vita.
Business Consultancy
Employee Feel Good Finetuning. Human Ressources Finetuning. Crew Ressource Finetuning. Leadership Finetuning. Wellbeing Concepts.
Wellbeing Performance Coaching. Training. Mentoring.
Burn-out prevention and stressregulation. Child / Adolescent mental growth support. Fascial Fitness Training. Mental Training. Kitesurfing. Nutrition. Fitness. Health.
2 Kitesurfer unterhalten sich am Strand - Kite2Connect