Nadja Knauder mit Board unter dem Arm beim Coaching - Kite2Connect
Flugzeug auf Landebahn - Kite2Connect
Mindset growth.

Feel free.

Enjoy happiness.

Nuture your drive.


Kitesurfing is the relaxed way to escape stagnation and to initiate sustainable change.


For Leaders. For Business Men and Women. For Entrepreneurs.


For High Performers. For Athletes. For the ambitious.


For the Future. For Children. For Adolescents.


For You. Searching for change and empowerment.

Come kitesurfing.

Feel free.

Luxury for your mind.

Fly to your inner strength.

More than kitesurfing. Your place to be heard. Your place to talk. Your place to be free.
The private and discrete place to repower. The space to inspire your life quality. The environment to reflect on your status quo.


Imagine being at the beach, breathing in the salty air, feeling the sun on your skin, and realising how powerful it is to be away from your daily hustle.



Kite2Connect creates the space and setting for your mind to relax, enabling personal ressources to repower, to gain new perspectives on life, on personal as well as on business matters.



Experience energy and happiness flowing through your body as well as your mind. Return back home inspired, well rested and repowered.



Be ready to feel alive, passionate, full of new ideas and habits – encounter a new sense of life quality leading to a new luxury in your life.



Leave your daily routine behind.

More than just kitesurfing. You will change. You will grow. You will leave empowered.
Kitesurfer im Wasser mit Lenkstange in linker Hand

Reset your wellbeing.

Feel confidently strong.


Feel the power of change in your mindset and self-care concept. Leave mentally relaxed, feeling emotionally light and fresh.


Feel the effects of your consistent and hard training. Feel how strong you really are. Leave mentally empowered for your competitions.


Feel your abilities and grow your skills. Feel your character and strength. Leave with a smile, filled with pride and self-confidence.


Feel the advantages of combining kitesurfing and leadership coaching for the strength of the company as well as your employees.
Kitesurfer im Wasser - Kite2Connect

Your power source.

Feel the purpose of growing.

Kitesurfing, has the unique effects of simultaneously shaping your body, mind as well as soul, without any strainful efforts. No matter what your physical fitness level, kitesurfing, is open to you.

Prevent your burn-out.

Feel the purpose of self-care.

Kitesurfing has the unique effect of opening your mind, making it accessable to create changes, long wanted or needed and hard to do so until now.

Be you.

Feel calmness.

Kitesurf your power.

Meet your toughest
oponent – yourself.

How do we experience our own strength?

Through facing our own self. Through this encounter we have the potential to grow personally and to become stronger, mentally as well as emotionally, ensuring we can persue our goals in life successfully.
  • Let’s go kitesurfing

    We will be experiencing amazing situations, feelings and challenges together while kitesurfing. Good talks and reflection on topics as well as habits in your life, will also be part of our exclusive escape experience, as far as you consider this appropriate and wanted.

Feel your emotions.
Empower yourself.

How do we feel alive and passionate?

Through feeling our own boundaries, by leaving our personal comfort zone. While practicing kitesurfing your mind will reveal to you exactly those areas, that need your attention to either sutsain your strength, or to regain it.
  • Let’s feel kitesurfing

    You will not only feel happily exhausted at the end of the day but also feel deeply satisfied, calm and strong. Despite being exhausted, you will be filled with a still unkown calmness, pleasure as well as liveliness to you. You will be amazed by what is lying dormant in you, waiting to surface.

Nadja Knauder beim Kitesurfen am Wasser - Kite2Connect

Inspire your mindset.

Enjoy self-awareness.

How do we remain mentally strong?

Through reflecting our thoughts in a safe and appreciative environment. If we want progress and happiness, we need interest and positive effects when communicating with our environment.
  • Let’s enjoy confidential talks

    Kite2Connect is the place for you to be open about your thoughts. It is important to have a place where no tabus and secrets exist. Sometimes a person unrelated to your personal as well as daily life brings the most benefit to initiate change.

Leave your routine.

Feel self-confidence.

How are self-confidence and kitesurfing connected?

Self-confidence is the basis to perceive a happy and fulfilled life. To create self-confidence it is necessary to feel, as well as to understand, one's own personal capabilities.
  • Let’s grow through kitesurfing

    Kitesurfing enables these effects in an effortless way, creating sustainable change. The environment around kitesurfing, the effects on the brain are so unique that new insights, effects and change happen without effort. Kitesurfing empowers strength.


The power.

Your potential to grow.


Choose mindset quality instead of stagnation.
Flugzeug auf Landebahn - Kite2Connect