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Upgrade your


Timeout & selfcare. Join us.

5* Casa Cook Hotel


Duotone Pro Center

El Gouna, Egypt


03.10.2023 – 12.10.2023


recreational kitesurfing & coaching


physiotherapy & dry needling


somatic yoga & bodywork


professional coaching


grow & glow


slow down


Feel free. Enjoy happiness. Feel alive.

#noregrets #innerpeace #consciousmind #power #outofyourbox #timeout #reconnect #beyou




10 days being offline

10 days just for you

10 days to reset

10 days for you and 7 other #timeouters

10 days of unique #growth and #glow


10 days filled with recreational kitesurfing, coaching, wellness, massages, workshops, fun and adventure led by a team of professional coaches specialised in the science of human performance.


10 days with coaches that love what they do, that are passionate about their work and that want to laugh, cry and grow with you.

Your space to talk, to let go, to relax, to repower and to finetune your physical, mental, emotional, cognitive as well as social resources.


#yourspace #beoffline #daretorelax

We are a team that trusts each other, trust us and escape with us to new heights.

Grow & glow.

Meet your flow.

for high perfomers needing to slow down



Escape monotony &


Power and depower your mind while experiencing the unique effects of kitesurfing & coaching. Being away from your daily routine will give you the space to reflect what needs to be seen.
  • indulge in inspiring talks with your coaches and fellow timeouters

  • experience emotional calmness by knowing your thoughts are being heard

  • move forward in any business topics of yours as your coaches are interested in what you have to say

    move forward
  • empower your human ressources by experiencing yourself through recreational kitesurfing

  • grow emotionally and mentally by enjoying professional coaching sessions

  • enjoy the benefits of dry needling and fascial tension release through our specialised physiotherapist

  • release emotions and tension through somatic yoga


Experience calmness and freedom

Strengthen your human ressources on a mental, emotional, physical as well as social level by combining kitesurfing & coaching on a fabulous #outofyourbox #timeout, surrounded by a team and people that are there to make you grow & glow.
  • Kitesurfing and coaching combined as


    a tool to reflect your current stamina on an emotional, mental as well as physical level


    a tool to strengthen beneficial behavioural, cognitive as well as motion patterns


    a tool to experience the flow feeling with the effects of balancing body and mind


    a tool to realign and repower your mental and physical ressources

  • Kitesurfing as a mindset


    The unique coaching & kitesurfing concept at Kite2Connect is based on the thesis


    “Kitesurfing as a mindset / source into happiness – a possibility to wellbeing and therefore health”


    written by Nadja Knauder, founder & owner of Kite2Connect.


Luxury for your mind.


What is the amazing power behind the sport of kitesurfing to initiate sustainable change?


Indulging in the sport of kitesurfing, learning it, using it, applying it, triggers the brain into the powerful operation mode “fight or flight”, opening the gates to sustained change based on felt acceptance leading to beneficial growth. Hardly any other sport manages to transport the brain into this amazing mode of operation.

Do I have to be interested in practicing kitesurfing in order to join the “upgrade your energy #timeout” event?


No. Feel free to join and “only” experience the  refreshing community at the 5* Duotone Kitesurf Pro Center, indulge in the amenities of the 5* Hotel Casa Cook Spa Hotel, and be pampered by genuinely interested as well as passionate professional coaches. They all have the goal to lift you up, to reenergise, to revitalise, to reset and to upgrade your human ressources on the emotional, mental, physical, cognitive and social level.

reconnect. feel alive. feel sense.

individual. exclusive. personal coaching #escape

03.10.- 12.10.2023 (optional 14.10.2023)
El Gouna / Egypt
  • The kite will trigger all the precious topics seeking your attention:


    Thoughts that you are still not aware of or have neglected to acknowledge but need to feel in order for you to understand how to grow further.


    You will feel the level of your skills and capability for certain things, that are still unkown to you.


    You will encounter behaviours that require to be finetuned in order for you to be able to exploit your human resources to the maximum.

  • Enjoy your unique #timeout at the kitesurf station “Duotone Pro Center” which is located at the 5* Hotel Casa Cook.


    For details on the kitesurf station visit the following link:


    5* Duotone Kitesurf Pro Center

  • Experience excellent guest service at the 5* Hotel Casa Cook located directly at the beach.


    The Casa Cook offers different categories of luxury: rooms with a private or shared pool, or room only.


    Choose your type of luxury and enjoy the perks of having an in-house spa center available.


    For details on the hotel and amenities visit the following link:


    5* Casa Cook Hotel El Gouna / Egypt

  • In order to maximise the effects of this unique event we offer to take care of your full booking arrangements including flights, hotel, transportation, your chosen #timeout event package and any other wishes you may have.


    Let us know your thoughts, ideas and wishes – we shall be very happy to assist you in your needs.

  • Adults, men and women starting with the age of 21. No limits above 21 as long as you are fit and healthy to travel to El Gouna.

  • All our coaches are both fluent in the English and German language.


Repower by

being active.

human finetuning

your #timeout programme

feel important. draw energy.


    This personal #timeout is intended to give you the space and time to disengage from your routine, to be offline and at the same time to recharge your batteries. The sport kitesurfing is one of the recharge sources during this event.


    So if you are unsure in which way you want to participate in the #timeout options, just come along and decide once your are there when feeling the vibes.


    Our goal is for you to be happy.



    Everyone starts arriving in El Gouna at the 5* Hotel Casa Cook which will be your home for the #timeout. We shall start our journey by enjoying a lovely bedouin BBQ at the beach for dinner.



    We start our great journey of 7 days coaching and kitesurfing followed by an optional 3 days of freestyling.


    Your coaches get to know you by meeting you for the first time in a personal and private setting, listening to you, assessing your needs and finding out what you expect from the days ahead.



    7 days of group morning and evening yoga with Michaela, as well as individual sessions upon request.


    7 days of recreational kitesurfing with your personal kitesurf coach, maximum 3 hours per day, package BEGINNER COACHING.


    7 days of recreational kitesurfing with rental equipment, maximum 3 hours per day kitesurfing along with Nadja, package ADVANCED RENTAL.


    7 days of recreational kitesurfing with own equipment, maximum 3 hours per day kitesurfing along with Nadja, package ADVANCED STORAGE.


    7 days of personal business as well as life coaching with Nadja and / or Sabine.


    7 days of personalised physiotherapy sessions with Sarah.


    7 days of games, challenges, sun, fun, talks and relaxing.

    05. - 11.10.2023


    After 9 wonderful days spend together, experiencing coaching, kitesurfing, physio, yoga and good talks, we enjoy brunching together while reflecting on all the amazing moments that happened during the past days.


    Together we inspire new adventures.


    After brunch the freestyling part starts.


    This means there is no schedule or programme, you enjoy your day the way it suits your needs.



    It is time to travel back home, well rested, motivated and full of new energy.



    Relax, kite, grow and glow in your own mode. The option to extend your stay until the 14.10.2023.


    Apply all the things you have learned in your own daily pace while your coaches are still around and there for you if you need them.


    Nadja is available for any personal kitesurfing sessions and / or supervision on the water (no extra costs).

    12. - 14.10.2023



    Every package includes the BASIC COACHES packages which includes all the Kite2Connect coaches that have the mission to be there for you in the setting best for you. In addition to the BASIC package you choose from the following packages:



    3 hrs of private kitesurfing instructor, per day, 7 days



    7 days of DPC kitesurf equipment rental



    7 days of personal kitesurf equipment storage


    ROOMS CASA COOK – garden view

    Choose this room category for your stay.


    ROOMS CASA COOK – shared pool

    Choose this room category for your stay.


    For your individuell booking please get in touch with us and we will handle your complete journey, so you can relax.



    • starting from €8.450,- / KITESURFING BEGINNERS


    • starting from €6.490,- / KITESURFING ADVANCED – rental


    • starting from €6.210,- / KITESURFING ADVANCED – storage




    • starting from €10.330,- / KITESURFING BEGINNERS


    • starting from €8.370,- / KITESURFING ADVANCED – rental


    • starting from €8.090,- / KITESURFING ADVANCED – storage




    • starting from €11.050,- / KITESURFING BEGINNERS / shared pool


    • starting from €9.090,- / KITESURFING ADVANCED – rental / shared pool


    • starting from €8.810,- / KITESURFING ADVANCED – storage / shared pool


    • Kite2Connect online coaching portal 12 months FREE
    • Kite2Connect fitness and nutrition app 12 months FREE
    • transportation from and to the airport
    • welcome BBQ evening
    • Kite2connect coaches
    • Goodie surprise bag
    • farewell brunch




    • kitesurfing package depending on your personal needs
    • room choise depending on personal needs




    • your preferred travel arrangement to El Gouna / EG
    • possibility to extend your stay until the 14.10.2023
    • personal insurances (material & personal damage)
    • food & beverages
    • special requests


    As we want to make sure you receive all the valuable information needed for you to decide to join us on this #timeout event, please contact us via the below contact possibilities.


Your travel


Together with our esteemd travel partner we shall organsie your travel from the beginning to the end so you can just lean back, relax and look forward to this amazing time.

Follow the link below to  get inspired to join our great #timeout in El Gouna / Egypt.

See what your daily schedule could look like.

Dream. Feel. Implement.

Just dare to take time off.

Future #timeout opportunities.


More events are in planning and will go online as soon as ready! If you are curious to know what is happening before we go online, feel free to get in touch anytime!

Meet your coaches.

Enjoy their passion.
Nadja Knauder - Kite2Connect

Nadja is specialised in the fields of human performance for individuals, athletes and pilots. Her qualifications are:

kitesurf instructor
cert. health and fitness coach
cert. burn-out prevention coach
cert. mental and personal fitness coach
professional pilot and flight instructor
master in international business management
SOAMI - Trainerin Michaela Rutter aus London

Michaela is an experienced, professional Hatha Yoga instructor, incorporating breathwork, meditation techniques, ayurvedic wisdom, shadow work and somatic healing. Her training includes:

somatic awareness training
pre- and postnatal yoga
yoga therapeutics
yoga for athletes
somatic yoga
yoga nidra
yoga flow

Sabine is a professional psychologist specialised in the fields of coaching, personal growth and psychological reports. Her focus is on:

scientific psychological consultancy
solution focused brief therapy
personal profile diagnostic

Sarah is a passionate kitesurfer, animal lover and enjoys helping people to understand their physical pain. She is specialised in the fields of:

dry needeling
fascial release
jaw release


& inspiration.

Get in touch with us for further insights on this fabulous as well as exclusive timeout event. We are here for you to answer any questions and support your decision to go on this exciting adventure with us.

Your choice.

To be offline.

mind wellness